Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Top 4 Tasks You Should Do for Your Spring Yard Clean Up

spring yard clean up

Early spring is the ideal time of year to start your spring yard cleanup. Yard maintenance is almost impossible throughout the winter. The long weeks of cold leave behind dead trees and shrubs and take a toll on your lawn.

You can achieve your dream spring yard by performing these four tasks. Calling in professionals, like the team at Clear Cut Group, can make it a breeze to get them done.

Task #1 – Clean Out Your Gutters

Gutters siphon water away from your house, keeping it from seeping in and causing damage. Gutter cleaning, also called eavestrough cleaning, is the first task you should take on in your spring yard cleanup. 

Your gutters get filled with fallen leaves and other debris during the season. The weight of this debris can damage your gutters and wood fascia. It can also cause rainwater to spill over the sides of your home instead of being directed down to the intended drain. Over time, this can lead to basement flooding and even foundation cracks.

The only way to effectively clean your gutters is by hand to ensure everything is cleared. Climbing tall ladders to do this task is no easy matter. It can be dangerous for the inexperienced to attempt on their own. Even with experience, it can be exhausting. It’s best to let a professional service come to clean your gutters for you.

Task #2 – Picking Up All That Mess

Next, get your yard clean and ready for landscaping. Fallen leaves and dead foliage can make spring yard cleanup seem overwhelming. Trimming trees or hedges that have overgrown is tough. Even disposing of raked leaves and other debris can be a hassle.

Professional help can make yard cleanup as easy as ordering delivery. Let an expert crew prepare your yard for a new spring landscape.

Step 3: Clean All Exterior Windows

It’s okay to take advantage of your spring yard cleanup enthusiasm and clean your dirty exterior windows, but it’s more dangerous than you think. Never attempt to clean exterior windows by leaning out from inside your home. You could fall and be seriously injured. 

Have a professional window cleaning service performed to safely eliminate the winter buildup. It’s best to do this after the gutter cleaning, as that service can leave spray on the exterior glass.

Step 4: Mulch Your Yard

Once your yard is cleared of the winter mess, it’s time to mulch. Mulching is beneficial for your entire yard in many ways. Mulch adds aesthetic value and a pleasant smell. It also acts as a means of moisture retention to help keep your plants happy. Mulch your flower beds, garden beds, and the areas around your flowering shrubs. Mulching also provides a visually appealing weed-suppression method without chemicals.

To learn more about completing a spring yard cleanup, check out Clear Cut Group’s Website or call directly at (905) 824-6597. You can get a quote for full-spectrum spring cleaning services for your yard.

Clear Cut Group proudly serves homeowners in Mississauga and surrounding areas, including Oakville, Milton, Etobicoke, Georgetown, and Brampton.


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